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Living Well: Mindful Eating - Changing Our Relationship with Food PDW 77 

Many of us have settled into an unhealthy relationship with food, whereby we accept chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease as part of our genetic inheritance. Even if we try to eat healthy, we may be dissatisfied with our body shape, food habits and feel a sense of helplessness and defeat where food is concerned. How can we give up feelings of guilt, anxiety and craving that food brings out? In this workshop we will first bring mindful awareness to how we relate to food, to begin the process of transformation. We’ll explore how we can introduce healthier habits into our lifestyle, learn to enjoy the food that we eat, and be self-compassionate when it comes to changing deeply ingrained habits.

This workshop is part of Living Well: A Wellness Lecture Series, designed to address the multi-faceted topic of well-being. In the busy-ness of our lives, making small changes can seem rather daunting— but if we do start making conscious changes the results are life-changing. Learn the tools that you can practice daily to overcome any limitations you feel in your life.

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Why We Procrastinate and How We Can Stop - Thursday, March 28

Sessions: 1
Dates: 5/30/2019 to 5/30/2019
Meeting Time: 
Thursday  7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location:  The Bronxville School
Instructor: Sangeeta Bansal
$35.00   (Class Fee)
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