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Creative Flows: Islamic and Western Art (HYBRID)    NEW!

Artworks flow, impact, and unite with ease, even as religion and politics often separate. We will explore the creative influences flowing between the art of the Islamic and the western worlds since the 9th century, from Spain to India, Leonardo Da Vinci to Mehmed the Conqueror, medieval to modern, and beyond. With special focus on the 15th - 17th centuries, brilliant and powerful masterpieces of art will highlight the various sensibilities of our shared human experience.

If you register for Creative Flows Combo (both "Creative Flows: Islamic and Western Art" and "Creative Flows: Islamic and Western Architecture"), you will receive a discount of $6 here.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is being offered simultaneously in person and over Zoom. A few days prior to the class, registered students will be asked how they are attending, and those who choose the virtual option will receive the Zoom link.


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