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Thank you for your interest in teaching a class at the Bronxville Adult School. We are always looking for great teachers to provide a fun AND stimulating learning environment for our students.  

If you have a proposal for a new class that you would like to teach, please submit the information requested below by email to 

Please take a look at our current offerings. Details you should include are: 

- Suggested course title and brief description; how many times would it meet? for how long?
- A brief resume including your degrees, and/or relevant information about your background, business, or skills that indicates why you are qualified to teach the course and where you may have previously taught.
- A reference A list of any equipment or materials that would be needed to run the class
- A list of any materials your students would need to participate in the class Your complete contact information, including email, phones, and mailing address Any minimum instructor compensation to you. 

We review all proposals and will notify you if your course is selected for further consideration. It can sometimes take several semesters for new classes to be added to the schedule. We will contact you if we require any further information.