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Yoga Basics   

Practice like it’s the first time every time.

Whether you want to begin a yoga practice or practice to maintain your yoga practice, this class has been designed for you!

In this class you will learn the fundamental and the foundational postures of the yoga practice. Each practice creates a pattern of consistency, develops muscle memory, and strengthens the mind-body connection. We will Explore various ways to both enter and transition from one posture into another, building towards learning the SUN SALUTATION; a yoga sequence practiced by yogi's all over the world.

You will begin to integrate the physical postures, with the asana (pose) names in both English and Sanskrit, develop an understanding of cues often heard in studio classes, with a nod to those that sound strange; "pull your naval to your spine" and "root down to rise up."

Yoga is a relaxant. Yoga heightens awareness, cultivates patience, and balances the body-mind connection. Yoga improves strength, musculoskeletal fitness, and flexibility. Learning the basics sets you on the path to a lifelong yoga practice. All you need to do is show up, roll out your mat, and practice like it's the first time every time.


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