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Draw Your Pet    NEW!

Bring a photo of your pet, and we’ll work on completing a drawing that captures your beloved animal's unique personality.  We’ll start with basic shapes and work with line and shading to create a pencil sketch you will treasure. This class is appropriate for beginner and experienced artists. 
  • Draw Your Pet NEW!

  • Dates: 6/8/2023 - 6/15/2023

    Day of the Week: Th
    Number of Sessions: 2
    Time: 6:45 PM - 8:45 PM
    Fee: $50.00
    Instructor: Pat Van Metter
    Building: The Bronxville School
    Address: Midland Ave. Parking Lot and Entrance Bronxville, NY 10708
     Show Description

    Required materials:

    • Photo of pet or photocopy (approximately 8”x10”)
    • Pad of paper - 14”x 17”
    • Pencils - 2B, 4B, H, 2H
    • Kneaded eraser


    • medium size blending stump