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Pickleball: Beginner/High Beginner at The Bronxville School   

Whether you are brand new to the sport that is taking over the country or you have been enjoying it for some time, this class will help you learn and review the rules of the game and practice basic skills. Through a combination of instruction and gameplay, the goals of this class are for students to:

  • Understand the basic rules of the game
  • Learn to keep score
  • Develop a consistent forehand shot
  • Demonstrate a backhand shot
  • Sustain a short rally with players of equal ability
  • Understand proper court positioning
  • Serve consistently
  • Hit medium-paced shots
  • Dink

Please note: It may be appropriate for some students who have completed this or another beginner course to remain at this level for multiple sessions. To progress to the Advanced Beginner level, students must have acquired the above skills and, in addition, must also:

  • Have good mobility, moving in a safe and balanced manner
  • Be quick and able to maneuver around the court effectively
  • Have good hand-eye coordination



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